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Wacky Wednesday: 22 Must Haves for Booklovers…..

Courtesy Simon & Schuster – my name is down for No 13…..

1. This awesome bookcase.

2. This giant book bed.

This giant book bed.

Yusuke Suzuki / via

3. A literary shower curtain.

A literary shower curtain.

4. This relaxing bathtub.

This relaxing bathtub.

Joshua Simpson / Via

5. A book bench.

A book bench.

6. This one-of-a-kind rug.

This one-of-a-kind rug.

7. This book staircase.

This book staircase.

8. And this one.

9. A colorful reading spot.

A colorful reading spot.

10. A cozy nook.

A cozy nook.

11. This cool lounging contraption.

This cool lounging contraption.

12. Colour-coordinated wallpaper.

Color-coordinated wallpaper.

Yes, that is wallpaper!

13. These beach chairs.

These beach chairs.

14. Bookshelves with a built-in slide.

Bookshelves with a built-in slide.

15. Curtain-style book storage.

Curtain-style book storage.

16. This comfortable reading chair.

This comfortable reading chair.

17. A novel headboard.

A novel headboard.

18. This library chair.

This library chair.

19. A library room with big windows.

20. This sunflower book seat.

This sunflower book seat.

22. And this Southern-style nook.

And this Southern-style nook.