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Hello – I’m Dina Ross and this blog will share news and interviews about the world of books from around the corner to across the world.

I present the monthly book programme Page Turners on 3mbs, 103.5 FM and you can access my programmes by clicking on, or

I’m an arts journalist who has produced and presented programmes for BBC radio and I’ve also contributed as a feature writer and critic for many publications including The Sunday Times, The Age and Good Reading magazine.

There are so many book blogs around, why start a new one? Well, for a start, I hope the link to my monthly books programme will be of interest to readers: I love to interview authors in person and find out what inspires them and discover more about their books.

Initially, this blog was going to be called Page Turners, to match my radio show: but I discovered dozens of Page Turners book blogs out there in cyberspace (so much for being original….) However, Books Now! was free: simple, to the point. Just how I like it.

Which brings me to the Books Now! style. I hope this blog will be intelligent, without being overly academic. I’m a voracious and eclectic reader and enjoy sharing my passion for books, but I’ll never patronise – or dumb down either.

Books Now! will focus on writing national and international. Several book blogs concentrate on Australian fiction and they do so very well. But I’d like this to be a melting pot. Basically, if a book interests me, it will find its way onto these pages and into the programme. I do have a penchant for fiction, but I’ll try and broaden subject matter out to appeal to a wide readership.

Do feel free to comment and let me know about the books you love. I look forward to the journey.

35 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for emailing me Dina. I’m looking to connect with book blogs, so I can submit my work for reviews. I’ll check in again and thanks for reaching out to me.

  2. I’m definitely looking forward to reading your content 🙂

  3. Dina,

    Thanks so much for the email. I was immediately drawn in by the article about woman’s back on book covers. Signing up was a no-brainer! I look forward to more interesting articles. Cheers.

  4. I look forward to listening to Page Turners. Is it available on iTunes? I like to download radio programs (as podcasts) onto my iPod and listen to them on that.

  5. Great work! Will have to check out 3mbs!

  6. This certainly looks like a good blog to follow. Take care.

  7. Hi! Thanks for the information. I am currently seeking our opportunities for author interviews as well as reviews. I have my book on Goodreads in addition to all of the major bookseller vendors. It is a regional piece that may be of interest to you in that it is also based on a true story and crimes that were never solved due to the undercurrent of prejudice that existed during the US Civil Rights movement. The book is free until Sunday July 14th and can be downloaded from smashwords in any version with the coupon code found on my blog at It is truly great to have you on board!

  8. Received your email, Dina, and came by to have a look. I’ve added you to my feed and will be following you around the world. Sending wishes for a successful blog. Keep reading!

    • Thanks Sherrey – it’s great to have you at Books Now! Don’t worry, I’m not about to stop reading anytime soon and the list of to-be-read books by my bedside table is growing!

  9. Thanks for the invitation, Dina. I like the tone of your blog, and am looking forward to interesting reviews.

  10. Hey Dina–thanks for following! (And, in advance, for reading Trees . . . )

  11. Hi Debbie – good to hear from you. I’m not on twitter and goodreads yet!

  12. Thanks Dina for inviting me to have a look at your blog, glad to follow!

  13. The professor loves the title! Will be following.

  14. Thanks, Dina. Great blog. Will look forward to more…

  15. Hi Dina, thanks for visiting my Spanish blog. Nice blog you have here. You might like my writing blog too at

  16. ciao! luvFAB blog

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