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Tuesday Trivia: Perils of the Feline Bookworm…..


Thanks, Allen & Unwin for brightening my day with this post.

NB: this does not happen when you own a German Shepherd……


Author: Dina Ross

Dina is a writer, reviewer, journalist and broadcaster. It goes without saying that she loves books. Her blog, Books Now! can be viewed on and offers news, reviews and interviews with writers from around the corner to across the world.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivia: Perils of the Feline Bookworm…..

  1. I don’t know. I am a dog person and my pug thinks if my lap hits a chair he is supposed to be in it, and he is huge for his breed. Drives me nuts. I can relate.

    • I love cats but alas am allergic to their fur, so we are a dog family…. however my Shepherd, who thinks she is a cat, winds herself around my legs, attempts to jump on my lap (big no-no, I’d be crushed) and often sits by my side peering curiously into books.

  2. Love it, and remember it well from when we had cats. They also feel compelled to help you on the keyboard with essays. It is even worse with a toddler (and yes, I know I should not have been trying to read with one in the room, but they both survived and have grown up delightfully).

    • Ah, the days of books and toddlers, I remember them well, and for me too, they are a distant memory. I’ve never had cats although I think they’re wonderful creatures and having a cat walk across a keyboard must be one of life’s (irritating) pleasures.

  3. Great cartoon.
    My cat used to love the stillness when I sat meditating. I don’t know how it signalled, but she would unfailingly appear, rest her head on my knee and gaze at me in adoration. Then again, she also loved having a nap on the keyboard of my laptop.

  4. Cute! But I agree–some dogs are convinced they fit on their owner’s lap, no matter how big they are or how small their owner’s lap is! 🙂

    • Hi Lorna! There are two rules in my household: 1. No dog bigger than a beagle should be allowed on any lap for fear of structural damage (to person and furniture). 2. Dogs over 25 kg who insist on believing – as mine does- they are cats and wish for human contact, should be encouraged to make do with placing paws on owner’s feet when they sit beside you. (This raises further problems on how to extricate feet from under paws when the doorbell rings, but let’s not go there.)

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